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Hamada's Mission & Vision

Hamada's Mission

We are agents of multinational companies and distributors of Premium brands operating all across Nigeria.

We add value to our name by enhancing​​ demand, ensuring availability of goods, promoting top quality products, proficient logistics, and exceptional customer services.

​​Deeply rooted in the country, we take pride in our community, our people, and our privileged and honored relationships with our customers.

Hamada's Vision

Having penetrated the Nigerian market, we look to expand overseas into other countries in Africa. We look to build a place where people from all over Africa can find anything they might want to buy.​​

Hamada's Core Values​​

​Take responsibility for our actions which influence our customers and fellow workers.

​Due respect to self and others and maintain a respectful atmosphere in the workplace
​​Respect all beliefs, traditions, and opinions
​Respect the regulations of the country where we operate
Respecting diversity and giving the best of the composition

Honesty & Integrity
​Keep promises and honor commitments
Tell the truth
Give proper feedback in a friendly way
Accept feedback positively

Giving the best and unmatched products or results for all round satisfaction

​​​​​Ensuring safety of our people and making sure to give them trouble free experiences